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24 Dec 2016
Simple on runescape 3 you should give away a Zaros Godsword. Be even better if I got it then Or more practically why not something Christmas themed, Santa hat, xmas scythe so on.

Do like a big thing like a party hat and than the other things filled with tier 2 stuff like santa hats and than tier 3 things around 50-100m and than tier 4 will be ags and stuff like that. For Oldschool - Something with utility, like SGS or a tons of cannonballs. For runescape 3 a scythe or a one year suply crate with food, potions for OVLs puches, scrolls, silverhawk feathers, magic motepaper, springs(springcleaner) kanonballs. I reckon you should make it a mystery bag and make it a surprise you choose the items and atleast make them work for it by...

04 Nov 2016
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